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Our mayor and council

Madurodam’s mayor and council are made up of pupils from secondary schools in The Hague and surrounding area. The Mayor of Madurodam is the youngest and only elected mayor in the Netherlands.

Making decisions

The council contributes to decisions on the charities that Madurodam supports, for example. All members of the council visit applicants and then deliver a report. They then contribute to choosing which charities are supported. The mayor and council are also present at official events in Madurodam and make a working visit to the Mayor of The Hague. Part of their year on the council is a study trip to Dachau. Amélie Mijs (15) of Gymnasium Sorghvliet is mayor of Madurodam for 2017-2018.

Princess Beatrix

After it was founded, Princess Beatrix was mayor of Madurodam for 28 years. Following her coronation in 1980, she became a patron of Madurodam.

Let's introduce: the 66th council. From left to right: Niki, Khaled, Hagar, Marije, burgemeester Amélie, locoburgemeester Jinte, Maarten, Si-Jin, Joost en June.

College van B&W Madurodam 2017-2018

  • Amélie Mijs (15), mayor, Gymnasium Sorghvliet
  • Hagar Eïta (16), Dalton Den Haag
  • Jinte Snijders (17), deputy-mayor, Segbroek College
  • Joost den Hoed (17), Gymnasium Haganum
  • June Derz (17) International School of the Hague
  • Maarten Lamaker (16), Rijnlands Lyceum Voorschoten
  • Marije Meijer (16), Gymnasium Novum Voorburg
  • Niki Struving (15), Maris College
  • Si-Jin van de Vorst (16) VCL