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Park rules

We hope that everyone will enjoy their visit to Madurodam. In order to ensure a pleasant atmosphere at the park, we have a number of rules. Employees are authorized to remove people who disregard or fail to comply with these park rules from the park, without the person who has been removed being entitled to any compensation.


Our car park is subject to the same rules as the public road. In order to prevent disruption to traffic, the instructions of our parking attendants must be followed. If you do not follow the traffic rules and/or instructions or do not follow these properly, we are authorized to remove your car from the car park at your own risk and cost.

Please ensure that your car is locked correctly and that you have not left any valuables in your car. We are not liable for theft from or vandalism of your car.


Entry to the park is at your own risk and only with a valid ticket. You should keep the ticket with you during your stay in our park and show this to an employee if asked to do so. Children under the age of twelve can only enter the park under adult supervision. There must be one supervising adult for every four children.

The ticket is valid on the day of issue or for the period for which it has been issued. Right of entry ends when you exit the park.

Anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, disturbing the peace and/or causing intentional damage to the park can be denied access to the park or removed from the park. In all cases, it is up to our staff to determine what falls under this description.

Madurodam has a limited capacity and it is possible that we will ask you to come back at another time to make sure visiting Madurodam is a great experience for everyone.

Safety rules

Employees’ instructions concerning safety should be followed.
Dogs and other pets are not permitted in our park, except for guide dogs.

Visitors should use trails and paths for their visit to the park.
Possession and carrying of weapons or objects that could pose a danger, is forbidden during your visit to the park. Employees are authorized to confiscate these weapons and objects.

The use of roller-skates, scooters or similar is not permitted at the park.
Intentionally making noise and audible use of radios, CD players and other audio equipment is not permitted. If noise is made intentionally, our employees are authorised to confiscate the audio equipment.

Rubbish should be thrown in the bins present at the park.


We would like to point out to parents and supervisors of children and groups that they are responsible for those visiting the park under their supervision.
Parents and supervisors are liable for damage caused by those visiting the park under their supervision.


We will accept liability only in cases where there is a question of a shortcoming that can be attributed to the operator or the park employees. Liability claims will be evaluated by our liability insurer. If you have suffered damage during your visit to our park, we would ask you to inform us of this before leaving. If you report this at a later date, you will not be entitled to damage compensation.


Our park is maintained as carefully as possible and we expect our visitors to behave appropriately. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that you may encounter something unpleasant. If this is the case, we would ask you to let us know. It is also possible that you may have caused unintentional damage. In this case too, we would ask you to inform us before leaving the park.

Promotion and sales

Promotion or sale of services and/or articles in the car park, on the forecourt and in the park is not allowed without written permission from the park management. Making public announcements, such as demonstrating, spreading (religious) beliefs, flyering or using the park for promotion for any purpose is not permitted. Madurodam has the right to decide what is considered an abuse here.

It is possible that you may be photographed or filmed. If you do not want to appear in shot, please avoid locations where you can see a film team and/or professional photographer at work.


The regulations of the Licensing and Catering Act apply in the park. No alcohol will be sold to persons under the age of 18 in the park. Anyone who is served alcohol must be able to provide identification.

There is a smoking ban in all buildings, queues and in the miniature city at Madurodam; smoking is only permitted on a small part of the terraces and the outer ring of Madurodam.


We hope you have a great time at Madurodam!