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Park Regulations

We want everyone to enjoy their visit to Madurodam. To ensure the park is a great place to visit, we have put a few rules and regulations in place. Our staff are authorised to remove from the park any individuals who openly disregard or fail to comply with these rules and regulations; individuals removed in this way have no right to compensation.


The same rules apply to our car park as on public roads. To prevent disruption to the flow of traffic, you must follow the instructions of our parking attendants. If you fail to (properly) follow the traffic regulations and/or instructions, we reserve the right to remove your vehicle from the car park at your own risk and cost.

Please ensure that your vehicle is properly locked and that you have not left any valuables in it. We accept no responsibility for theft or vandalism caused to your vehicle.


Entry to the park is at your own risk, and is permitted only with a valid admission ticket. You must keep your admission ticket with you at all times while visiting the park, and show it to our staff on request. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. There must be at least one responsible adult for every four children.

The admission ticket is valid on the day of issue, or for the period specified. The right to admission expires on leaving the park.

Madurodam has a restricted capacity and so we may ask you come back at another time to ensure that Madurodam is a great experience for everyone.

On site

We reserve the right to refuse entry to or to remove individuals who fail to comply with the park regulations, who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, who disturb public order and/or who cause wilful damage within the park. It is under all circumstances at the discretion of our own personnel to determine what constitutes the situations above.  


In Madurodam a smoking ban applies in all buildings and outside areas, with the exception that smoking is only permitted on the designated part of the terrace of restaurant Taste of Holland next to the toilet entrance.

Liability on the part of visitors

We would like to remind all parents, adults accompanying children and group leaders that they are responsible for the conduct of the individuals visiting the park under their supervision.

Parents are responsible for the behaviour of and any damage caused by their children. If you organise a meeting or event with us, or arrange a group visit, you are responsible and liable for the conduct of and any damage caused by these visitors (in addition to their own liability). 

Parents, supervisors and organisers indemnify us against any third party claim in relation to damages they have suffered.


Safety regulations

It is essential to follow any safety directions issued by our staff.
Dogs and other pets are not permitted in our park, with the exception of Guide Dogs.

Visitors must use the designated paths and walkways when exploring the park. The possession or carrying of weapons or objects which may pose a danger is prohibited while visiting the park . Our staff are authorised to confiscate any such weapons and objects.

The use of roller skates, scooters or similar is not permitted within the park.
Intentionally making noise and the audible use of radios, CD players and other sound equipment are not permitted. Where noise is made deliberately, our staff are authorised to confiscate the audio equipment.

Rubbish must be placed in the waste bins located throughout the park.

Our liability

Should you suffer any damage during your visit to our park, please let us know before you leave. You are not entitled to claim compensation if you report damage after you have left the park.

We accept liability for material or personal damage and injury only in circumstances where such damage is the consequence of a failing attributable to Madurodam, or of wilful or gross negligence on our part.  Liability claims will be assessed by our liability insurance provider. Our liability is limited to compensation for the immediate damage and up to the maximum level of damage for which we are insured.


We maintain our park with the utmost care, and expect our visitors to behave appropriately. Nevertheless, you may come across things that you find less agreeable, in which case we ask you to report this to us.

In the event that you unintentionally cause damage, please let us know before you leave the park.

Promotion and selling

It is not permitted to run promotions or sell services and/or items in the car park, on the forecourt or to take professional photos and videos without prior written consent from the park management. It is not permitted to use to park to make public announcements, such as demonstrations, spreading (religious) beliefs or distributing flyers, or for promotion of any nature. Madurodam reserves the right to decide what it considers abuse in this situation.


The regulations under the Licensing and Catering Act apply within the park. Alcohol is not permitted for sale to persons under the age of 18 within the park. Persons served with alcohol must be able to provide proof of their age.

Smoking is not permitted in any of the Madurodam buildings, in queues and in the miniature attractions; smoking is permitted only in a small area of the terraces and outside the perimeter of Madurodam.

Personal details

Visitors' personal details are processed in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.  You can find the full rules and regulations in the privacy statement published on our website.

At Madurodam, we use video surveillance to monitor compliance with our park regulations, and to record any infringements. Visitors agree to videos being recoded for internal use only, except in the event of an infringement in which case we will share images with investigators and/or our insurers.

It is possible that you will be photographed or filmed by Madurodam or by third parties during your visit or event. If you do not want to appear in shot, please avoid locations where you can see a film crew and/or professional photographer at work.

If you hold an event at Madurodam, we may take photos of the participants at this event for use on our website and/or social media. We consider this to fall within our justified marketing interest, taking into account the privacy of the individuals concerned. 


We hope you have a great time at Madurodam!