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Madurodam: the perfect school trip

There is so much to do at Madurodam. Exciting adventures in spectacular attractions, play and learn with interactive things to do and discover the Netherlands in miniature. The challenge is to see and do everything on offer! The perfect school trip!

The huge range of attractions, things to do, playgrounds and miniatures means that children of all ages will have the day of their lives at Madurodam. Another advantage: the park is well laid out, so that teachers and accompanying adults can relax! Almost comparable to a day at the spa, almost then.

Discover exciting XL attractions 

Have you already been introduced to our newest attraction? Live it up in the world of the Dutch Masters (De Hollandse Meesters): have a ball jumping, climbing and clambering into and around the paintings. Hop from one wonder to the next. Or crawl through the hidden track. Do everything you can't resist. Well, almost anything! The Dutch Masters is where art comes to life. Embark on The Flying Dutchman for the greatest flight of your life and fly through time with pilot. Get the giant pumping engine the Waterwolf going with your classmates and pump the 800 million litres of the Haarlemmermeer away. Yes, your primal power also comes alive here. Or defend New Amsterdam from the English. Make sure you fire the cannons on time! Every one of the six XL attractions at Madurodam are not only an experience, but you also learn something! 

Experience the the most beautiful and the best of the Netherlands

You can spot hundreds of Dutch castles, palaces and other buildings in miniature in the park. Which ones do you recognise? Get behind DJ Armin van Buuren’s turntables and mix some beats yourself. Or stick your finger in the dyke just like Hansje Brinker and make sure that the Netherlands doesn’t flood. Make sure that you don’t get wet! P.s. do you spot the crook at the Rijksmuseum?

Come with the whole class to Madurodam and experience the most beautiful and the best of the Netherlands!

Burn off all that energy in the playgrounds

Energy for ten? You can also run around and play outside at Madurodam, of course. There are swings and see-saws and you can zoom down the slide and build sandcastles. You can do it all in our playgrounds. Clamber about in a giant play ship or whizz along in the cable car above the Waddenzee playground. Or come and play in the garden with the most famous rabbit in the world: Miffy. Guaranteed fun!

School admission prices

School trips can be booked for 10 people and above. If you want lunch as well, book five working days in advance.

Primary schools
Price per person: € 9.00

Secondary schools
Price per person: € 16.25

School trip lunch
Includes French fries with sauce, Ranja soft drink and a Festini pear-flavoured ice lolly

Price per person: € 4.25

Opening hours and route

For our up-to-date opening hours, see here. For the route, see the address and route page. You can get to Madurodam easily by public transport or car. Parking costs € 11 per car. Parking for coaches is free of charge.

Book your school trip now, and come to Madurodam soon!