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miniaturen meisje

School trips

What makes the small country of the Netherlands great? You can find out in a fun way at Madurodam, a city full of miniatures, activities and attractions. Perfect for a school trip!

Thanks to the large range of outdoor and indoor attractions, children of all ages will have the time of their lives at Madurodam. The park has a clear layout. So it’s relaxing for teachers and supervisors too!

Roll up your sleeves

Step into Armin van Buuren’s shoes and mix your own beats. Want to learn to fly? You can do that at Schiphol! And in the port of Rotterdam you can fill ships with containers. Of course you can also let loose outside. For older children there is the Waddenzee playground. The little ones will enjoy the Miffy playground.

  • Hansje Brinker spel in Madurodam
  • Hansje Brinker spel in Madurodam
Come to Madurodam with your whole class and discover the heroes and highlights of the Netherlands

History comes to life

At Madurodam, you will also find out a lot about the history of the Netherlands. Visit George's story and experience the life of war hero George Maduro. At the Court of the Netherlands you can discover one of the most important moments in Dutch history. And at Orange Mania you will find out how the Dutch team won the international championship title in 1988 and what it feels like to be a champion.

Experience the waters threatening the Netherlands in the Waterwolf and help the steam engine keep Holland dry. And did you know that New York used to be Dutch? Board a real Dakota plane in Madurodam, buckle up your seat belt and get ready for a flight that goes beyond flying. Fly from one surprise to the next with The Flying Dutchman. Come find out in Madurodam!

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There is more information about school trips at Madurodam in our brochure.