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Book your day at Madurodam

We welcome you at Madurodam! To visit Madurodam you need a valid entrance ticket and a reservation. You can easily arrange that below. See you soon!

Make your choice

1. I want to buy tickets with a date

Reserve a time slot before your arrival and order the number of tickets you (still) need. From € 16.50.

Buy tickets with a date
2. I want to buy tickets without a date

Buy your tickets in advance and book later your day and time of arrival. For € 21.50.

Buy tickets without a date
3. I already have an entrance ticket or discount pass

Do you already have an entrance ticket or discount pass? Then book your day and time of arrival here.

4. I have a subscription

Book your day and arrival time here. Always take your subscription with you during your visit.


How do you make a reservation?

  • First choose whether you already have a subscription or entrance tickets, or whether you still need to buy (part of) your tickets.
  • Do you already have valid tickets through a reseller like Tiqets or Viator or do you have a discount card, then choose option 3 above and book. Always bring your valid entrance ticket and your time slot reservation with you during your visit.
  • Children up to and including 2 years old have free access, but must be included in the reservation. So reserve a place for them too.
  • Are you not able to come? Then always contact us to have your ticket rebooked (if that is possible for that ticket type) to another day and/or time. Otherwise, your place will remain occupied without anyone coming.
50-plus ticket Madurodam
50% discount for visitors of 50+ years old
If you are 50 years or older you now get 50% discount on weekdays. Check out the deal below

Frequently asked questions about reservering your visit

I already have a valid admission ticket (eg a ticket through a partner such as ANWB, Goede Doelenloterij or AD) and whether I have a discount coupon or (city) pass. Do I also have to make a reservation?

Yes, even if you already have a valid admission ticket, discount coupon or (city) pass, you must reserve a date and arrival time. You can make this reservation via our website.

I have a coupon, how do I get the discount if you can only buy tickets online?

Book a time of arrival on our website. You buy the ticket at the front office with the valid discount coupon. Note: without a coupon you will not get a discount. If you do not take the coupon with you, you will pay the full price. So always take your discount coupon / pass and your reservation of the time of arrival with you.

How can I change my online ticket to another day or time?

Have you bought a day ticket with a variable price (Day Ticket 2020)? Then rebooking is not possible. You can cancel the ticket up to 2 weeks after purchase and place a new order.

Do you have another ticket such as a family ticket or flex ticket? Then rebooking is possible. Please contact us for this and we are happy to help you! Rebooking is possible until 3 January 2021 at the latest.

Are all attractions open?

Yes, Madurodam is fully operational. We do work with a maximum number of visitors for the attractions so that we can guarantee a safe visit for everyone. So it might be possible that the queues are slightly longer. 

Opening hours 3D Engine:

The 3D Engine in Zo Groot is open in Orange on weekends and holidays from 12:00 to 15:00. This varies on weekdays. Please contact us shortly before your visit to inquire.

Is it safe to visit Madurodam?

Yes, you can safely visit Madurodam. We do try to limit crowds in the park as much as possible. Together with our industry association Club van Elf and the Dutch Association of Zoos we have drawn up a protocol so that we can offer a safe day out to all of our visitors. We hope to welcome you again at Madurodam!

What measures are being taken at Madurodam?

Our "Out Together Safely" protocol provides three guarantees: we ensure a distance of 1.5 meters between households, sufficient and clear information and extra hygiene measures, both indoors and outdoors. One of the measures is that tickets can only be bought online and you must reserve a time of arrival. This way we can avoid crowds at the entrance and in the park.

We have also applied special markings in all interior and exterior spaces, in the form of orange and magenta coloured hearts. This way you know exactly how much distance you have to keep from other visitors. In addition, we have taken additional hygiene measures throughout the park, for example in the form of central disinfection points.

It is also advised to wear face masks in all indoor spaces.


Safe & fun day out
A visit to Madurodam is different than before. Together with other day attractions, we have drawn up the protocol "Safe Together Out". This protocol provides us and other park guarantees for a safe visit. This way you can enjoy a carefree day
Questions? Get in touch with our customer service