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Measures COVID-19

COVID-19 measures in Madurodam

You can still visit Madurodam in a safe way. It is mandatory for everyone to reserve a time of arrival, even if you already have a valid ticket. Read all about our measures below.

Adapted measures for a safe visit

To ensure everyone's safety Madurodam follows national guidelines according  to the coronavirus measures. The latest advice from the government is to wear face masks in indoor spaces.

Madurodam has drawn up the protocol "Out Together Safely" in collaboration with other day attractions. The protocol offers three guarantees with regard to good information provision, extra hygiene measures and, of course, the 1.5 meter distance between households. These measures are in line with the guidelines of the Dutch Health authorities. "Out Together Safely" has been extensively tested in advance. This way you can enjoy a carefree day out.

What measures are being taken for my safety?

1. We take care of 1.5 meters distance between households

We do this by only offering day tickets booked with a time of arrival via our website. So you always have to reserve a time of arrival, even if you have previously purchased a different type of ticket. This way we can control the limited number of visitors simultaneously. In addition, we provide 1.5 meter distance markings throughout the park, both indoors and outdoors, so that you can always easily see what a safe distance is. Everywhere in our park you will find beautiful hearts on the ground. The distance between these hearts is exactly 1.5 meters. Also, only a limited number of visitors is allowed at the same time in our attractions so that everyone can keep distance from each other and still enjoy the attraction. 

2. Sufficient and clear communication 

The signage in the park has been renewed and adapted to the new measures so that you can easily access visible, understandable information and instructions. In addition, our staff is also trained in providing service and addressing guests who violate the agreements.

3. Extra hygiene measures 

In the park you will find disinfection points both inside and outside, which you can use at any time. We also do extra cleaning rounds aimed at the contact surfaces of, for example, attractions and other contact surfaces. In our restaurants we offer all food individually packaged. We advise you to come by car, there is more than enough parking space. Finally, you can spend a lot of time outdoors in Madurodam, in the fresh air. 

4. Wearing a face mask is mandatory in indoor spaces of Madurodam

Madurodam follows the advice of the national government regarding the measures against the coronavirus. The national obligation to wear face masks in public indoor spaces also applies in Madurodam.

What does this mean for you as a visitor?

In our indoor spaces such as the entrance hall, the attractions, our restaurants, toilets and the shop it is mandatory to wear a face mask. This obligation applies to visitors from 13 years old. You are not obliged to wear a face mask outside. Our employees wear face masks in all indoor spaces or sit behind plexiglass. Face masks can be purchased at the Madurodam ticket office.


Is it safe to visit Madurodam?

Yes, you can safely visit Madurodam. We do try to limit crowds in the park as much as possible. Together with our industry association Club van Elf and the Dutch Association of Zoos we have drawn up a protocol so that we can offer a safe day out to all of our visitors. We hope to welcome you again at Madurodam!

What measures are being taken at Madurodam?

Our "Out Together Safely" protocol provides three guarantees: we ensure a distance of 1.5 meters between households, sufficient and clear information and extra hygiene measures, both indoors and outdoors. One of the measures is that tickets can only be bought online and you must reserve a time of arrival. This way we can avoid crowds at the entrance and in the park.

We have also applied special markings in all interior and exterior spaces, in the form of orange and magenta coloured hearts. This way you know exactly how much distance you have to keep from other visitors. In addition, we have taken additional hygiene measures throughout the park, for example in the form of central disinfection points.

It is also mandatory to wear face masks in all indoor spaces.


Do I have to wear a face mask in Madurodam?

Madurodam follows the advice of the national government regarding the corona measures:

Until December 1, it is advisable to wear a mouth mask in our indoor areas such as the entrance hall, the attractions, our restaurants, toilets and the shop.
This advice applies to people from the age of 13. You don't have to wear a mouth mask outside.

From December 1, wearing a mouth mask in our indoor areas is mandatory for people aged 13 or older.

Our employees wear mouth masks in all interior areas or sit behind plexiglass mudguards.

Mouth masks are for sale at the cash register and in the Madurodam shop.

Can I buy a mouth mask in Madurodam?

Yes that is possible. We sell mouth masks at the checkout and in the Madurodam Shop. A mouth mask costs € 0.50 cents.

Are all attractions open?


Due to the currently applicable corona measures, our (indoor) attractions are closed. It's about:

  • George's Story
  • The Flying Dutchman
  • Waterwolf
  • New Amsterdam
  • Zo Groot is Oranje
  • Court of the Netherlands
Are the restaurants in Madurodam open?

At the moment it is only possible to order and collect food at our special Snack Corner located in restaurant The Taste of Holland. You are very welcome to come by for a cup of coffee.