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Measures COVID-19

COVID-19 measures in Madurodam

Good news, Madurodam is open again! It is mandatory for everyone to reserve a timeslot, even if you already have a valid ticket.

Adapted measures for a safe visit

To ensure that the reopening happens within the measures of the one and a half meter distance society, Madurodam has drawn up the protocol "Out Together Safely" in collaboration with other day attractions. The protocol offers three guarantees with regard to good information provision, extra hygiene measures and, of course, the 1.5 meter distance between households. These measures are in line with the guidelines of the Dutch Health authorities. "Out Together Safely" has been extensively tested in advance. This way you can enjoy a carefree day out.

What measures are being taken for my safety?

1. We take care of 1.5 meters distance between households

We do this by only offering day tickets booked with a time slot via our website. So you always have to reserve a time slot, even if you have previously purchased a different type of ticket. This way we can control the limited number of visitors simultaneously. In addition, we provide 1.5 meter distance markings throughout the park, both indoors and outdoors, so that you can always easily see what a safe distance is. Everywhere in our park you will find beautiful hearts on the ground. The distance between these hearts is exactly 1.5 meters. Also, only a limited number of visitors is allowed at the same time in our attractions so that everyone can keep distance from each other and still enjoy the attraction. 

2. Sufficient and clear communication 

The signage in the park has been renewed and adapted to the new measures so that you can easily access visible, understandable information and instructions. In addition, our staff is also trained in providing service and addressing guests who violate the agreements.

3. Extra hygiene measures 

In the park you will find disinfection points both inside and outside, which you can use at any time. We also do extra cleaning rounds aimed at the contact surfaces of, for example, attractions and other contact surfaces. In our restaurants we offer all food individually packaged. We advise you to come by car, there is more than enough parking space. Finally, you can spend a lot of time outdoors in Madurodam, in the fresh air. 


When will Madurodam be open again?

Madurodam is open again and you are very much welcome. You can safely enjoy the most beautiful and best of the Netherlands in Madurodam again.

It is mandatory to reserve your day of visit and timeslot, even if you already have a valid ticket.

Is it safe to visit Madurodam?

Yes, you can safely visit Madurodam. We do try to limit crowds in the park as much as possible. Together with our industry association Club van Elf and the Dutch Association of Zoos we have drawn up a protocol so that we can offer a safe day out to all of our visitors. We hope to welcome you again at Madurodam!

What measures are being taken at Madurodam?

Our "Out Together Safely" protocol provides three guarantees: we ensure a distance of 1.5 meters between households, sufficient and clear information and extra hygiene measures, both indoors and outdoors. One of the measures is that we open in a regulated way, you can only buy tickets online and you must reserve a timeslot. This way we can avoid crowds at the entrance and in the park.

We have also applied special markings in all interior and exterior spaces, in the form of orange and magenta colored hearts. This way you know exactly how much distance you have to keep from other visitors. In addition, we have taken additional hygiene measures throughout the park, for example in the form of central disinfection points. 

Are all attractions open?

Yes, Madurodam is fully operational. We do work with a maximum number of visitors for the attractions so that we can guarantee a safe visit for everyone. So it might be possible that the queues are slightly longer. 

Are the restaurants in Madurodam also open?

Our restaurant may only open again from June 1st 2020. It is however possible to collect food from our restaurant. We also apply a number of measures from the one and a half meter distance and additional hygiene measures at the collection points. 

Abonneehouders van Madurodam

Is mijn abonnement nog steeds geldig?

Je bent als abonnee van Madurodam weer van harte welkom! Je moet vooraf via onze website alleen wel een reservering maken voor een datum en tijdsslot waarop je langs wilt komen. We doen dit om drukte in het park te vermijden en onze bezoekers 1,5 meter afstand van anderen te kunnen bieden. Je moet dus altijd je dag van bezoek en aankomsttijdstip vooraf reserveren via onze website.

Moet ik altijd vooraf een reservering maken?

Ja, dat is een van de maatregelen die we nemen om drukte te voorkomen. Dat is namelijk de instructie van het kabinet. Het is dus niet mogelijk om spontaan langs te komen bij Madurodam. Je kunt de reservering maken via onze website. Neem tijdens je bezoek altijd je abonnementspas ook mee. Deze wordt gescand aan de deur.

Hoe kan ik reserveren als abonnee?

Via onze website kun je als abonnee maximaal 4 tickets voor een bepaalde dag en tijdstip bestellen. Dit kan via deze pagina:   

Kan ik als abonnementhouder meerdere bezoeken reserveren?

Nee, je kunt per reservering kiezen voor 1 dag en 1 bijbehorend tijdsslot.  

Wat moet ik meenemen naar Madurodam, is alleen mijn abonnementspas voldoende?

Bij je bezoek scannen we zowel je abonnementspas als je abonneeticket. Dit is het bewijs van je reservering, waarop de dag van je bezoek en het tijdsslot staat. Het abonneeticket heb je online besteld. Zie voor uitleg de vraag ‘hoe kan ik reserveren?’.  

Krijg ik compensatie voor de weken dat Madurodam gesloten was?

Ja, we verlengen je abonnement met het aantal dagen dat Madurodam dicht was. Dit geldt voor alle abonnementen die vanaf 15 maart 2019 zijn verkocht.  

Kan ik een nieuw abonnement afsluiten?

Ja, je kunt je weer een nieuw abonnement afsluiten.

Kan ik tijdens mijn bezoek weer gebruik maken van de abonneekorting in de restaurants en de shop?

Ja, in de horeca & shop is de reguliere abonnee korting van toepassing.

Kan ik weer gebruik maken van mijn kortingsbonnen voor een bezoek aan andere parken?

Nee, het is (tot minimaal 1 juli) niet mogelijk om andere parken met korting te bezoeken.  Zodra dit wel weer mogelijk is informeren we je hier gelijk over.

Buying day tickets

Do I always have to buy an entrance ticket in advance?

Yes, that is one of the measures we are taking to avoid crowds. You can only buy tickets online and you must reserve an arrival time. You can no longer buy a ticket at the entrance. Buy your tickets here.

Can I also spontaneously visit Madurodam?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to visit Madurodam without having reserved a date and time slot. We do this to avoid crowds in the park and to offer our visitors at least 1.5 meters distance from each other. You must therefore always book your day of visit and timeslot in advance via our website.  

I already have a valid admission ticket (a ticket through a partner such as Tiqets, GetYourGuide, etc. ). Do I also have to make a reservation?

Yes, even if you already have a valid admission ticket, you must reserve a date and timeslot. You can make this reservation via our website. You should take your timeslot reservation and original ticket with you.

How much does a day ticket for Madurodam cost?

Prices vary per day. Please check the current prices here.

How can I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation for a day and time slot via our website.

Do I need to print my reservation?

No, this is not necessary, you can also take the reservation digitally on your smartphone, we will scan it from your screen.

Can I still change (or cancel) my reserved time slot?

Yes, this is possible up to 2 weeks after you purchased the ticket. To do this, please contact our ticketing partner at 

Until when can you book in advance?

You can book a maximum of 2 weeks in advance. 

I have a free ticket, can I come to Madurodam without making a reservation?

No, this is not possible. You must reserve a time slot in advance on our website. 

I have a coupon, how do I get the discount if you can only buy tickets online?

Book a time slot on our website. You buy the ticket at the front office with the valid discount coupon. Note: without a coupon you will not get a discount. If you do not take the coupon with you, you will pay the full price. So always take your discount coupon / pass and your reservation of the timeslot with you.

I already had a ticket for Madurodam, but it expired during the closing period, until when will the validity be extended?

We agreed on new validity dates with all our ticket partners, so that tickets that have expired during the closing period can still be used. If you have a specific question about this, please email us at and we will see what applies to your situation.