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Hero Town NL

Everyone, big or small, can make a difference in an emergency situation. Often the only thing that’s missing is knowledge of what to do and the courage to take action. This is what Hero Town NL believes. So the foundation offers hero training. Madurodam supports the foundation.


According to Hero Town NL, most heroes are ordinary people. A hero is just someone who helps when help is needed. Sometimes it's harder to offer help, because you don’t know what you should do or because you would be taking a personal risk. Because you're standing up to the group to defend an outsider. Or expressing a different opinion to everyone else. You run the risk of becoming the target yourself. That's why many people just stand by and watch while others are excluded.

  • Oprichters van Hero Town NL
  • Oprichters van Hero Town NL
Founders of Hero Town NL

Scientific research

Hero Town NL makes people aware of how they can be influenced by their environment without realising. This helps them to stand firm and continue to put their own values into practice through their actions. Hero Town NL works on the basis of scientific research and insights from practical situations. The foundation provides programmes, events and a platform for schools and other organisations.

Want to find out more?

For more information, take a look at the Hero Town NL website.