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Your 3D Selfie

Wow! Have you ever seen yourself in 3D? Or as a printed doll, right on the table in front of you? It's possible with the 3D Engine in Madurodam. Step into the engine, take a photograph and before you know it you'll have your own 3D Selfie!

Your own 3D Selfie & doll

Madurodam is full of it; Madurodammertjes! And in our 3D Engine it is possible for you to transform yourself into a 3D version of yourself; digital and in real life.


With your free 3D Selfie you order a unique doll of yourself, the children and / or the rest of your family at home. Walk through the attraction Zo Groot is Oranje, enter the 3D Engine and see the result.

Suitable for all ages
Not for visitors in wheelchairs
In Dutch and English
Indoor experience
  • Scankaart
  • ZGIO
  • Scankaart
  • ZGIO
Activate your pass, go to Zo Groot is Oranje and pose in the 3D Engine!

How does it work?

  • You will receive a visitor's pass at the entrance; first activate it at one of the columns in the park.
  • These can be recognized as 'gray metal column with a screen in it'. Hold your card to the circle and activate!
  • Then go to Zo Groot is Oranje and step into the special 3D Engine.
  • Then it's time to pose! How do you like to see yourself? Look cheerful, cool, make a funny face or go like a real champion in the 3D photo. Alone or as a couple, it is all possible.
  • Wait a minute...
  • You will receive an email with a link to your own Madurodam page. On it you can see yourself as an animated gif in 3D.
  • Do you also want a doll? Click on Order on your Madurodam page and order yourself in the desired format via Within 3 weeks you will receive your unique 3D doll (s) at home. Awesome!

Frequently asked questions about 3D Selfies

How can I create a 3D figure of myself?

You can do this at Zo Groot Is Oranje. In the dressing room of the Dutch lions, you can make a 3D-scan of yourself in a few seconds. You will then receive an email with this 3-selfie and a link to the webshop, where you can order a 3D figure of yourself.

How much does a 3D figure cost?

This depends on the scale size and the amount of people (max. 2). A 3D-avatar in Madurodam-style (1:25) costs € 39,- for a single and € 69,- for a double. The complete pricelist will be shown during the orderprocess.

What should I do if I have not received an email after making a scan in the 3D engine?

First check your spam and/or junk folder. If you have still not received an email after 24 hours, email your details to We will contact you.