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Madurodam app

Enrich your visit to Madurodam with the Madurodam app!

With this app you can literally and figuratively experience the Netherlands at its greatest! Make your own journey of discovery through the rich history of our country, and discover the unique stories behind our countless attractions, interactives and miniatures.

Follow our surprising and interactive tours through the park. Fancy some action and fun? That is possible with the Family Fun Route, one of our free (family) tours through the park. Take a trip through our world-famous miniatures and our indoor attractions, roll up your sleeves and get to work yourself. Do you know what the highest church in the Netherlands is? In which house resistance hero George Maduro was born? And can you neatly load the containers onto a ship?


Need more context or rich background information about our miniatures? Open the app, go to 'Discover the park' and enter the number or name of the miniature and be surprised and inspired by the great stories behind these small buildings.

The Madurodam app gives you all the important information about the park. That way you get more out of your visit. Check on the interactive map where you can eat and drink something or where our attractions are. In this way you experience what a small country is good at and what we as the Dutch can be proud of. You have to experience that!

Download the free Madurodam app from: