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Madurodam. Got to experience it.

Experience a wonderful day out together in the Madurodam family park. Safe in the open air, fun for big and small.
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open fromto
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Change water into land at Madurodam
Defeat the Waterwolf
To find out more about the rich history of the Netherlands, visit our attractions. Remarkable stories like the Dutch’s ability to transform water into land. Experience the waters threatening the Netherlands in the Waterwolf and help the steam engine keep the Netherlands dry.

What our visitors say about us

I got lost in the details, definitely worth visiting! I enjoyed looking at the miniatures as well as learning the history in an interactive way, adults will enjoy. Explanation is available all the way.
Many historical sites and major landmark of The Netherlands displayed there, which may a must place to visit if you have a short time in this country. As an adult I totally had a good fun there, and i can imagine children will be more excited to visit.
Of course you can be in the Hague and not visiting Madurodam, but I would not miss it. It is not an important or breathtaking, but it is very cute and interesting. You can spend there few hours enjoying every moment.
Rami A.
Experience the Dutch roots of New York
Did you know that New York used to be Dutch? Come find out in our attraction Nieuw Amsterdam. You will have to defend the city and help fire the cannons!
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