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Madurodam wants to give all its visitors an unforgettable and safe experience, and so we aim to make the park accessible to as many people as we can. To ensure your visit is as enjoyable as possible, we have put a number of facilities in place. Explore all the facilities for disabled visitors so you can plan your visit.

Visitors with a disability
Madurodam has good access for people with a disability. The entire park can be reached from the upper ring by a gently sloping path. The best way into the miniature park is either via the souvenir shop or the Erasmus Bridge. The Taste of Holland restaurant and the Panorama Café are also accessible for wheelchair users.

Accessible toilets
There are two accessible toilets, one in the Taste of Holland restaurant and one in the Panorama Café.

There are four disabled parking spaces in the car park, two above and two below. These are located approximately 160 metres from the entrance to Madurodam. Parking costs € 10 per day.

Public transport
From tram stop 9 (coming from Centraal Station Den Haag), it is 90 metres to the entrance to Madurodam, and 160 metres back to the return tram stop.
The bus stop is 215 metres from the entrance.

Taxis and taxi buses are permitted to drive to the main entrance to Madurodam at all times, where you can alight in your own time. It is then just 20 metres to the main entrance.

Accompanying person goes free
People with a disability pay the normal entrance fee. The ticket office/PIN machine are accessible for wheelchair-users. If the person is dependent on a companion, the companion will receive free access. Other family or group members pay the normal admission price.

Guide dogs and assistance dogs
Guide and other assistance dogs are welcome at Madurodam. They must be wearing a recognisable jacket or harness and have identification. Guide dogs and assistance dogs are welcome in the souvenir shop and the two restaurants. They are also permitted in the indoor attractions.

If you have trouble walking, you are welcome to make use of one of our free wheelchairs. As we have a limited number of wheelchairs, it is a good idea to reserve one beforehand via reception (+31 70 41 62 400). You can also use this number if you require assistance in the park.

Access to indoor attractions
Our indoor attractions are very accessible for wheelchair-users or people with limited mobility. The attraction operator will show the disabled person and their companion to a great spot with a good view. This area is also marked out on the floor. 

Visual impairment
The organisation Passend Lezen offers a braille map of Madurodam which you can request from their library service. You can order the map at

Activity accessibility
13 of the 18 activities are easily accessible for wheelchairs-users.

Five of the activities are accessible only via stairs/a small step:

  • Learn to fly - via stairs
  • Be a train driver – via stairs
  • Plane spotting – via stairs
  • Oosterschelde barrier – via a step
  • Wind turbines – via a step