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Become the next football champion

Ready to shine on the international football fields? In the renewed Zo Groot Is Oranje you can feel what it's like to become a football champion. Cheer along with the legendary Dutch national team and once again enjoy the run-up to the thrilling European Championship final of 1988. Be inspired by the Orange Lions and Lionesses in the "Dressing Room of Orange".

Discover the champion within yourself

Kick a ball in the skill zone and measure your speed, the power of your shot, your precision and your agility. Of course you can challenge friends and family to a match on one of the two dribbling-skills pitches. Will you be the Netherlands’ next football champion?

Are you a brave lion or a speedy lioness?

Show in the skill zone how fast, hard and focused you can shoot and kick a ball on the sutu field. You can choose from different games on the interactive skill wall. Test your own skills or compete against your brother or sister and discover who will be the champion!

  • Zo Groot is Oranje skillzone jongen voetballen
  • ZGIO kinderen voetballen op Cruijff Court
  • Zo Groot is Oranje skillzone jongen voetballen
  • ZGIO kinderen voetballen op Cruijff Court

Your own 3D Selfie & doll

Madurodam is full of it; Madurodammertjes! And in our 3D Engine it is possible for you to transform yourself into a 3D version of yourself; digital and in real life.

With your free 3D Selfie you order a unique doll of yourself, the children and / or the rest of your family at home. Walk through the attraction Zo Groot is Oranje, enter the 3D Engine and see the result.