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Redeem your barcode

Thank you for coming to Madurodam! Do you already have a valid entrance ticket with barcode? Find your promotion below by entering the (bar) code. Click on the promotion and easily reserve a day and a time of arrival. See you soon!

How does it work?

  • Search for your promotion above by entering one of the (bar) codes that you will find on your tickets and clicking on 'Search promotion'.
  • If the barcode is correct, your action will appear.
    If no code appears, your tickets may no longer be valid. Then do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Click on your action to be directed to the correct checkout.
  • In the checkout you first enter all the barcodes of the tickets that you have in your home. Do you have 4 tickets? Then choose '4' and enter the 4 barcodes and click on 'Next step'.
  • Now go through the reservation process. Immediately afterwards you will receive the new tickets by email. Your old tickets are no longer valid.
  • Are you unable to attend on the chosen day? Then make sure you have your reservation rebooked in advance to another time. Please contact for this.


Is it unclear or does your code not work? Please contact us directly. This is best done by emailing Always clearly state your question, barcode and (contact) details so that we can immediately check some things for you and of course contact you.