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Playing with water

Building dikes. The Netherlands does it best! Why is this so important for our country? Find out through the moving sluices, rivers and Delta Works.

Roll up your sleeves

Of course you can have a go too. Will you manage to close the Oosterschelde barrier in time to stop the Netherlands disappearing under water? Uh at the port of Rotterdam! Will you help extinguish the flames along with your family and friends? One person can man the hose while the other operates the pump. Now we just have to hope for a safe outcome.

Hansje Brinker

Have you ever heard of Hansje Brinker? This hero prevented the Netherlands from being flooded by plugging the dike with his index finger. The big question: why is there a statue of him in both Harlingen and Spaarnwoude? You can find out at Madurodam!

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