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Manage Dutch ports

Why are the ports important for the Netherlands? What has been shipped through the ports over the centuries? You can find out at the port of Rotterdam and the Second Maasvlakte.

Roll up your sleeves

Of course there’s a chance to roll up your sleeves. Fill ships with containers and move these to the right place like a real port worker. It’s easier when you work together!

Roll up your sleeves and fill ships with containers

Big ships

Did you know that the Second Maasvlakte was built because the Rotterdam port was too small for the latest container ships? The construction was a huge task. Dredgers collected sand from the seafloor and sprayed it out again hundreds of metres away. How much sand? Enough to fill a 50,000-seater stadium 160 times! That’s 13 million full lorries!

Discover the Second Maasvlakte in Madurodam
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